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HoloLens Spacial Mapping Data Visualization

An abstract visualization of the HoloLens spacial mapping data of the TurboSquid offices. I made these renders in Marmoset Toolbag 3 for a powerpoint presentation for a local gamedev meetup.

The model was generated by the HoloLens itself during a Mini-Hackathon - there's an article on it here:

And the presentation itself - it doesn't have notes but the bullet points are informative enough:!AoU3Zhi-gRBhgd1p42S8kAY38f-xTw

Ben bickle ts office1

Finishing shot from the presentation

Ben bickle ts office2

Title card boarder

Ben bickle ts office3

Edge renders for the slides with actual info on them

Ben bickle ts office4
Ben bickle ts office5

Shot of the entire office

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