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40SW Standard Compact Sidearm

A semi-auto pistol designed to fit within my sci-fi artstyle.

5464 Tris, including round.

Firearm: 2048x2048 diffuse/normal/spec/phong/exponent/tint + alternate two-tone skin
Round: 1024x1024 diffuse/normal/spec/exponent/tint + 'spent' skin

Targeted for Source Filmmaker, it features a CS:GO shader model derivative, full rigging for animation, and model variants for full and empty magazines. The round features a morpher for a crushed head. The hologram has textures for 0-13 rounds, implimented via bodygroups and 512x512 and 128x512 translucent texture elements.

Modeled in 3dsmax, textured in photoshop, rendered in SFM. 1 week development, start to finish.

40sw pistol a


40sw marmoset2

Marmoset Tollbag

Ben bickle 40sw round 2

40SW Round - hollow point with morphtargets and skin for spent round/shell

Ben bickle babbysfirstgun 3