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This weapon was made in my free time to go through the StemCell spec. It's supposed to be a cheaply made and jam-prone cyberpunk blow-back SMG.

Because of the requirements of the workflow, the end result is a mesh that has two versions:

DCC: 75k, Spec/Gloss + Displacement, Subdiv ready.
Real-Time: 15k PBR Metal/Rough + Height.

Textures are 4k for the main body, 2k for the mag, compensator, and interior, and 1k for the handle. Removing all hidden faces can get the mesh down below 10k and remove a draw call.

I'm not a mechanical engineer, so I chose a balance between modeling enough internals to make it feel fleshed out, but I was in no way under an obligation to make something that was fully functional.

Big thanks to Jesse Russell-Klarich for initial silhouette concepts, and the Due Process team for concept use.

The specifics of the spec are here:

Ben bickle nac 22 key 4k

Marmoset Toolbag 3

NAC-22 Promo Video

Fully Optimized version, high compression.

Ben bickle film breakdown

Marmoset Toolbag 3 - 35mm film recreation

Ben bickle nac 22 breakdown
Ben bickle nac 22 lowpoly

Real-time, 15k

Ben bickle nac 22 model renders2a

SubDiv ready, 75k

Ben bickle nac 22 manual 2

Operator's manual.

Ben bickle evidence bag

Evidence bag. Created with Max cloth sim cleaned up in ZBrush

Ben bickle 9mm promo2

9mm Rounds. 1k texture, 864 RT, 1.5k DCC

Ben bickle table folding

Standard folding table

Ben bickle tex body

Metal/Rough - LowPoly/RT

Ben bickle tex body mid

Spec/Gloss - Midpoly/DCC

Ben bickle nac 22 silouette

Initial silhouette

Ben bickle prod2

Marmoset - RT/Metal-Rough

Ben bickle prod1

Marmoset - RT/Metal-Rough

Ben bickle prod4

Marmoset - RT/Metal-Rough

Ben bickle rt dcc compare

Marmoset - RT vs DCC

Ben bickle nac22 vray5

V-Ray - DCC Spec-Gloss, 1 Subdiv

Ben bickle nac22 vray6

V-Ray - DCC Spec-Gloss, 1 Subdiv