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Argus C3 Rangefinder Camera

This is an Argus C3 rangefinder camera. A popular American made camera during the 40’s and 50’s, the Argus C3 was inexpensive and built like a brick. It was not an uncommon camera for American GI’s to carry in WWII, and can still be found in working in condition in attics and at affordable prices on auction sites today. Although it's tedious to use now, it helped popularize 35mm as a film format and allowed countless families to document their lives.

This model is 16.6k tris with a 4k texture, and includes a partially modeled interior for common functionality animation and basic disassembly.

Textures were authored in PBR spec/gloss and converted to metal/smoothness.

Ben bickle argus c3 scene 2

Base render - see photo ref at bottom of page for comparison

Ben bickle argus c3 final back
Ben bickle argus c3 final breakdown
Ben bickle argus c3 orphos
Ben bickle argus c3 bake final

Bake and component view

Ben bickle argus c3 highpoly

High Poly (Pre-Sculpt pass) - Rendered in Arnold

Ben bickle world proxy

Detail prop proxy - 1.2k tris on 2k texture -rebaked in Marmoset

Ben bickle maps breakdown
Ben bickle 35mm roll

35mm Roll variants - 2.3k tris, each on a single 2k map

Ben bickle tools

Detail render of tools. Approx 1k tris per tool, both on a single 2k map

Ben bickle argus c3 ground truth

'Ground Truth' - photograph taken with D7100; 40mm DX f/5.6 @ 1/10s; ISO 100